Treasures to Hold: Irish and English Miniatures 1650–1850 from the National Gallery of Ireland Collection

290 x 198 mm, paperback, 208 pages, 200 colour, 450 b/w illustrations
PRICE: £30.00
ISBN: 978 1 903162 75 3


The exceptional collection of miniatures held by the National Gallery of Ireland is for the first time made widely known with this publication. With an essay on the history and technique of miniature painting in Ireland, where it flourished particularly well, the book contains an astonishing variety of miniatures in watercolour as well as enamel, made for all sorts of purposes – lovers’ keepsakes, memorials of great men, portraits of great actresses (like Hone’s fine miniature of Sarah Siddons). Paul Caffrey is a lecturer at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Read more

Picturing Piety: The Book of Hours

This catalogue of Books of Hours, the 'best seller' of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, presents two dozen Books of Hours mostly dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Examples from France, the Netherlands, and Belgium are presented chronologically with illustrations in colour for each entry. More

Meetings With Remarkable Netsuke: 108 Masterpieces Selected from Private Collections

The biggest, the best and theoretically the final volume in Sydney L. Moss gallery's trilogy of superior netsuke publications, regarded by some authorities as the finest offering of select netsuke in living memory. Over 300 colour photographs of consistently excellent works. More

Outside the Box: Further Explorations in Japanese Netsuke and Lacquer

Amongst the netsuke in this catalogue are many 18th-century rarities, including several large, mostly anonymous, figures in ivory and wood from Japanese legend, as well as important examples by Tametaka, Koyoken Yoshinaga, Tomotada and Masanao of Kyoto. Amongst masterpieces from the 19th century are four Otoman, two Ikkyu and a Tomokazu group of three rats. There are 17 ojime in various materials, many of them signed; pipecases of rare quality; some unusual spectacle cases; and inro in laquer and metal. The catalogue is rounded off by five extraordinary lacquer boxes by Ritsuo, the others by Koami Choko, Koma Kyuhaku and Oyama. More

Miniatures in the Wallace Collection

The publication celebrates the recent opening of a new gallery at Hertford House devoted to miniatures and gold boxes, the Boudoir Cabinet. It features over seventy of the finest miniatures in the Wallace Collection, all of them reproduced in colour, most for the first time. More

MUGHAL AND DECCANI PAINTINGS: The Eva and Konrad Seitz Collection of Indian Miniatures

The collection of Eva and Konrad Seitz is one of the most important private collections of Indian paintings in Europe. The 60 works presented here provides an excellent survey of Indian miniature painting from 1575 to 1850 at the court of the north Indian Mughal rulers and at the ateliers in the Deccan further south, which has hitherto received far less attention. More

Deaf, Dumb & Brilliant: Johannes Thopas, Master Draughtsman

Until recently, the Dutch draughtsman Johannes Thopas, who was born in 1626 both deaf and dumb, was only known to a small group of connoisseurs, dealers and collectors. However, his remarkable, subtle and technically refined portrait drawings on parchment deserve a wider audience. This handsome publication, the first devoted to his work, will prove to be an eye opener for many art lovers. More